Organizational Strategist

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Leslie works as a consultant for individuals and organizations in the areas of strategy, development, leadership coaching, and in capturing institutional history, reflection, and narratives. Like her archaeological work, her strength lies in identifying that which often lies in the dark or is unseen in an organization but is causing conflict,  toxicity, and inefficiency. She works with organizational leaders, Boards of Directors, staff, and program participants to create cohesive organizational narratives, to engage in productive reflection, and to guide futures-oriented, sustainable change. 

Currently she serves as Strategic Advisor to the Quebec Labrador Foundation in Ipswich, Massachussetts and has recently served as a Consulant to the Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva. She specializes in international work, crossing social and cultural boundaries. With over twenty-five years of experience working in education and faculty development, and fifteen years working specifically in online education, she is especially interested in consulting on projects for organizations who are looking for ways to develop and build intimate and meaningful communities beyond the bounds of geographic constraint. 

Leslie is available for consultation and can be reached at

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