With grace and passion Leslie Van Gelder weaves together stories of her own encounters with an amazing variety of places…to show us how Place and Story are the warp and weft of our being as earth-dwellers. 

Tim Robinson on Weaving a Way Home

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Leslie has been a writer for over twenty-five years. She has written novels, short stories, full length nonfiction, essays, children’s books, and for film. Her strongest form of writing come in reflective essays. All of her writing focuses ultimately on wisdom found at the intersection of intimacy and illumination. The landscapes she prefers to engage are those of the unspoken — the storied and inarticulate worlds created between people and places, the geography of grief, and the reverberations of hopefulness and grace found within the confines simply being human. 

A small selection of her Published Works can be found here and a collection of unpublished works and works in progress can be found on the New Writing and Unpublished Works pages of this website. Her most recent book, Weaving a Way Home is available here

She is currently engaged in four major creative projects. 

Legacy: Derived from a series of interviews, Legacy is a nonfiction, anthropological inquiry into the concept of legacy as it plays out on the personal, cultural, and environmental dimensions. 

Coming Out of the Darkness: A collection of essays derived from experiences of working in prehistoric caves where the lived and metaphorical experiences of darkness and grief are coupled with explorations of why we create and how we find our ways through the darkest periods of our lives. 

The Economics of Mistrust: An inquiry into the inefficiencies created by the power of mistrust. An examination looking at trust and mistrust at the personal, communal, and systems level. 

Dispatches from 2 am: A blog and Youtube video sharing experience and understanding gained through the experience of caregiving and grief. 

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